Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh Say, Can You See?

Recently, I thought it would be way fun to show the ladies how you can use a simple flashlight to make shadows on the walls. We turned off all the lights & then turned on a flashlight. I showed them how you could make different objects by moving your fingers & hands around. They were absolutely mesmerized at first as I created spiders, alligators, rabbits, people & other various things. Then I encouraged them to try. I also showed them how they could make their whole body shadow grow into a giant or shrink down into a lil' lady, depending on their positioning with the flashlight. Obviously this activity was hard to take pictures of, but I assure you it was a blast!

Another fun activity to do with flashlights is taking your kids on a scavenger hunt at night! First, make a list of a few things you are going to hide around the front or backyard (I recommend the back because you can control how dark you can make it versus the streetlights out front. Its good to select objects that are not too small. Bright colors & shiny things are great objects to use. Next, actually go & hide the objects outside. Depending upon the ages of your kiddos you can adjust how difficult you hide the various objects. Once everything is hidden, go for it! If your kids are younger, you might 1 to stay close to them so they do not trip over anything. I also recommend giving each kiddo their own flashlight so they can feel empowered & its just more fun overall! After everything is found, go back inside & have kids share what they have found. I think this activity is more fun if you do not present it like a contest, but rather a group effort to find everything. ENJOY!

-M&M Momma

Making her shadow dance,
 until I used my "flash" anyway ha ha

Our flashlight holder

Daddy even gets a lil' worn
out from all our fun sometimes! :)

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