Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What the Shark!?

Last week, "shark week", we did a small mini lesson about them. We started off with a book called, "Way Down Deep in the Blue Sea". This book gave a nice & fun introduction to what different creatures lie near the ocean floor. After the book, I showed the older 2 girls a short video about sharks. National Geographic offers a not so scary version of sharks that the ladies enjoyed. We then went over some interesting facts about sharks before starting an art project where we made our own sharks out of then cardboard, paper plates, & foil. The girls loved the mini unit & we finished it up this week with a trip to the splash pad. Hey, its not exactly the ocean, but close enough! :)

-M&M Momma


Facts & Video:

Our sharks!

Shark facts we learned & the girls retold them to me

The closest thing to an ocean around here!

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