Saturday, August 11, 2012

Minivan Roller Skates!?!

How on earth did we get here? Well, I was just settling down to go to bed when suddenly I hear Asher start screaming. Faster than you could say just about anything, I darted out of my room (practically stumbling over everything) to see what on earth was the matter. I got to the scene only to find Ashy with her lil' foot stuck inside of her toy minivan half bawling & half laughing. It was really sad, but I have to admit on the inside I sooo wanted to give a lil' chuckle. "How in the world?" I had to ask. "Mommy, I was pretending it was a roller skate & now it is not making very good choices. Its just stuck there!?!". I know, but I just I had to take a picture. We will be laughing at it some day much much much later on. I tried to pry her free, but that was 1 stubborn minivan. I ended up having to grease up her lil' foot before I could finally set the kid free. What a wonderful way to end "Pajama Party Saturday" (Once a month, try to squeeze in a day you can all as a family just lounge in your pjs doing fun in-home activities), lol.

-M&M Momma

Sisters starting "Pajama Party Sat" off with
a snuggle!

Playing with their fire station.
Making daddy proud!

Adley's new favorite buddy!

Duplo time!

My hero! "Daddy", she calls him-lol

Winding down the day

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