Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Don't Lose YOU

Being a mom is definitely the best job in this world. The rewards you receive on a daily basis from your kiddos are worth far more than all the money in the world could buy. BUT that being said, it is also important to make sure that you "don't lose you" in the mist of raising kids. I am sure a lot of you mommies out there can relate to many a weekday being spent rocking pajama bottoms or sweats, sitting down to actually get a bite to eat becomes a luxury, a nice warm relaxing bath becomes a thing of the past, & the only time you really take time to shop in the adult section is when you have some special occasion coming up. Do I realize being a mom is going to take up most of your time & require a lot of sacrifice? YES, but often times mommies put their needs a lil' too low on the list of priorities. I am guilty too.

You are not just "mommy", you are a "woman" & a "wife" as well. You have to make time to take care of you! We need to make sure we eat good healthy meals on a daily basis & not just make them for everybody else. We need to not only take the time to get the kids up & dressed, but take a lil' time out to pamper ourselves in the mornings as well (You will feel better). We are always sure to make sure our kiddos have play dates with their friends from time to time, mommies need those sometimes too! We do not have to feel guilty about it, because these small steps will ultimately contribute to making us better mamas that have more to give to our kids instead of burning out. These are things I constantly have to remind myself of on a daily basis. When I start getting too caught up with things or start letting myself get pushed too far on the back burner, my husband does such a great job reminding me-"How can you take care of the kids, if you are not taking good enough care of yourself? Now eat a sandwich or go take a lil' nap". Lol.

Its a constant "fight" to make sure its not always just about the kids, but it is SO important that we do this. If kids know its all about them & nothing else, they are going to tend to be more self centered. Its actually a healthy thing for our kids to see that mommy takes time out for herself from time to time it will even contribute to them appreciating you more & all that you do! They also need to have the opportunities to observe how mommy & daddy value their marriage & spend time together. They need to see us getting each other gifts & showing each other thoughtful gestures not just on birthdays & Valentine's Day, but all year round! If the marriage is on track & doing well, it can do nothing but help in the raising up of your family.

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to go out to eat with some of my fellow mommy friends. We definitely shared a lot of...interesting conversations (wink, wink), but 1 part of a conversation that stuck out to me the most was when 1 mommy said that she used to absolutely love photography when she was younger, but much to her regret, she kind of let that hobby slip away after she got married & had kids. A lot of the other mommies could agree with that. Life moves so quickly & a lot of times we do let some things slip away. Its okay to be passionate about being a mommy, but it is also okay to be passionate about other things as well. Hobbies are good things. In fact, I bet our children would love to share & experience some of our passions with them. After all, they think that all we really know how to do is cook, do dishes, fold laundry, & drive them places lol. I will never forget the look of bewilderment on Aidann's face when I told her that I used to be a ballerina too! Ha ha. Whether it be reigniting an old passion or starting a new 1, it is so healthy for mommies to have another outlet. I love art, always have, & now I have been fortunate enough to channel that into painting murals & etc for my kids! Blogging is definitely a newer passion I have been able to channel my love of writing into. Shoot, just tonight I got back from sweating my lil' booty off in Zumba class. I never would have thought I would be doing that! "Show me some moves, Momma!" my lil' girls say! Ha Ha.

Being a mommy is the greatest role of my life! But I have said it before & I will continue to say it, you have to be able to find a balance. Some moms can also be tooo far the other way where they would rather go out & buy a new purse or get their nails done before first making sure all of their kids needs are met financially. Some spend all hours of the night out partying because they don't want to grow up a lil' deal with the true reality of what they have at home. Its all about finding a good & healthy balance! Everyone in the family will be happier for it! :)

-M&M Momma

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