Saturday, August 4, 2012

More Fun With Paint Tape!

The Ladies wanted to go outside & play hopscotch today, but lets just face it----It's WAY too hot!!! So, instead of dragging everyone out into the heat, I decided to put the paint tape to work once again. The older ladies helped me measure out & tape everything (a good review for numbers & it was great practicing "teamwork"). I included lil' Austin Rosie by having here stomp on the tape with her lil' heels to make sure everything was fully pressed onto the carpet. After we were finished, hours of fun followed playing hopscotch! Lil' Aussie even participated in the fun!!! Again, I recommend using this tape because it is easy to see & comes off the carpet easily when needed. For more tape fun, check out "Shape Fun!" post .

-M&M Momma

My tape covered lil' helpers

Only my girls would try hopping
while wearing heels & licking a fake ice cream

(Yes, she dressed herself)
They used blocks instead of stones
to mark square to skip

At Gymboree

The theme was "camping"

(Sorry, camera on its' last leg, but you can't beat those smiles!)

A lil' slice of pure joy!

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