Thursday, August 2, 2012

Princess Cabela

So, I know that some people visit Cabela's regularly, but I am just not 1 of those people. The idea of the great outdoors has always intrigued me & I definitely respect those people who can hold it down in the middle of nowhere, but I just was not raised experiencing those types of activites.

Well, 1 day I randomly decided it would be cool to expose my lil' ladies to all the wonderful things Cabela's has to offer & I knew the fish tanks would especially thrill them. Before leaving the house, I told them where we were going & for some strange reason, even after me thoroughly explaining what Cabela's was, they were absolutely convinced that we were taking them to see this wonderful princess named "Cabela". Over & over again I tried to reexplain the concept of Cabela's, but they just did not seem to be getting it. "Mommy, I am going to invite Cabela to my birthday party", said Asher. Aidann piped in with, "I want my whole cake to have Princess Cabela all over it!". My husband decided to take a crack at explaining to them that Cabela's was a place where people purchased fishing gear, tents, & etc. After he finished talking, he shot me a ornery grin & continued to drive as the girls finally stopped talking about this mythical Cabela Princess. But I kid you not, after a good 3 or 4 minutes went by Aidann finally spoke up again, "So, you are saying Cabela is a boy?". Lol...

Once we finally stepped foot into this "Wilderness Wonderland", the lil' ladies jaws absolutely dropped. They loved the fish tanks, the fake animals (well, they loved them after we confirmed to them that they were in fact no longer living), tents, boats, & everything! We even took them through the lil' store where they each got to select their very own piece of fudge. What a fun lil' adventure that they will not soon forget! I definitely am going to have to take them camping soon (with a MUCH more experienced camping family I am sure...You know who you are, lol). And as we were leaving a very tired Aidann turned to me & said, "Mommy, I still did not see this Cabela Princess You have been talking so much about?". I give up! Ha Ha

-M&M Momma

Their favorite was the "bunny fish".
Really a catfish, but they kept forgetting

Just being Ashy, dancing through the store

Something is kind of fishy?

OUT... :)


I love my lil' Characters!!!

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