Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are You Kidding Me, Am I Being Punked!?!

I have been very blessed to have a newborn that has been sleeping through the night since 2 weeks old & 2 older ones that also sleep great. Well, last night was apparently the exception. Midnight on Aidann kept waking up on the hour about the most random things. At 1 point she was crying because she couldn't find her shoes. Yes, I said crying because she wanted her shoes on but couldn't find SHOES!?! Anyway, it finally hit 5am & I was just sinking into that deep sleep. You know what I am talking about, so deep your are practically drooling & when you finally do wake up you don't know where you are or what day it is. Well, right when I was finally about to reach that, my cell phone rings. Its Jay & apparently he has suffered 2 bike tire blow outs on his way to work. Well, I would like to think of myself as pretty good at making things happen as smoothly as possible going from here to there with 3 kids under 3 years old, but getting them all up,dressed, & in the car at 530am on no sleep was not something I even wanted to attempt. I was beyond grumpy as I lay there in bed thinking of this daunting task I was about to have to take on. I finally rolled out of bed & started dragging my feet towards the girls room when I suddenly stopped myself. What kind of example was I about to set for my kids? How could I expect them to wake up even remotely joyful, while I was setting the ultimate example of grumpy? I then went back to my room & sat on the end of my bed.
I took a few deep breaths & then decided that this was not the attitude I wanted to begin my day with. There will always be things going on around us that we can use to "justify" a bad mood & make excuses with, but what is that going to help? Nothing! I am constantly telling my girls that they need to choose joy, but I need to do the same thing. Do as I say and as I do! Well, I made a conscious decision to choose joy & then hopped out of bed (a total 180), got some snacks & sippy cups ready for the babies, woke them all up, & my 5' 2" self sure did load them in that car with a smile. You know what, they woke up just as happy as can be & were beyond cooperative! It was the most wonderful sight to look in that rear view window & see Aidann & Asher all bundled up in their fleece blankets with sippy cups & snacks in their hands & great big smiles on their faces. When I drove up to get Jay I could tell he was expecting a angry sleep deprived wife that wanted to chew his head right off, but I am proud to say he got a smiling (still sleepy) wife sporting bedhead, sweats, & a great big smile instead.

We can be the most awesome examples for our kids, but it takes work & a conscious effort on our behalves. In the long run you are making things easier on yourself. Would you rather obey someone who says one thing to you but does another or a person who is daily walking out exactly what they are asking of you? Its not always easy, but WE CAN DO IT! Don't let circumstances dictate, you are in control.

Have a great & joyful day!

-M&M Momma

Before heading out
for a family
Smiling constantly
They love
the rocking chairs

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