Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Update!

It was definitely an action packed weekend filled with a visit from great grandma, a princess birthday, a wedding, church, feeding some ducks, visiting the dog park, & enjoying some swings! Busy, but I wouldn't change a thing!!!
My lil' ones had a blast at their lil' friend's princess birthday. Jay was a true daddy & toughed it out with us. Funny because he ended up being the life of the party playing tag in the grass & being mobbed by like 7 lil' giggling princesses. Can you tell he has 3 girls, lol!
The wedding was kind of nice because I got to catch up with a few high school buddies, the guy who got married was the same 1 that caught my garter at our wedding 3 years earlier. On the other hand though, it made me realize time sure does fly & I feel kind of old now, ha ha...
The girls took a WAY long nap after church & didn't wake up until like 5pm (an hour before their normal bedtime), so I knew we were going to have to go out & do something fun & active to stimulate their minds before putting them to bed again for the night. We ended up going to the duck pond 1st. Aidann was so into feeding the ducks their bread & talking to them. Asher on the other hand pretty much said "forget this". Every time we were looking she would throw the ducks a lil' (I mean lil' piece) & then once we turned our heads she would jam a HUGE piece into her mouth, "A lil' for you, a lot for me!". She is sooo funny. After we ran out of bread we had some tortillas in the car. "Ducks want tortillas, Mom". So, we fed the ducks some tortillas too. It was all in all a good time. After feeding the ducks we went over to the dog park area. The girls loved watching the dogs (their daddy is trying to brain wash them into wanting a dog, but I know they really want a cat...Lol!). The girls were so intrigued...Well, until of course a huge dog come right over to the fence & takes a huge...You know what. From then on all Asher said was, "Ewwwww! Doggie go poo poo". Its cute the first 20 times, ha ha. Then we did some time on the swings & headed home. What do you know, worked like a charm! Asleep by 830...-M&M Momma
Birthday Girl!!!

Playing with daddy

Pin the crown!

Wedding ready,
4 months post giving birth
to lil' Aussie!

My husband & I with my
best friend from high school
& his girlfriend
Pushing their babies

Sneaking the bread


Smiles for miles!

Watching the doggies

Love the swings!

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