Saturday, March 12, 2011

Its the Lil' Things...

It really doesn't take much to absolutely thrill a child. The other day Jay was sweeping & hosing down the driveway. The girls kept looking at him through the window way intrigued by whatever daddy was doing. So, it suddenly hit me! Why not pull out the o' IKEA chairs & let them sit out in the front yard & watch. I tell you, it thrilled them to no end. You would have thought it was Christmas or something.

The other day the girls were out in the driveway with all their riding toys & I suddenly saw a lil' spider running across the pavement. "Look, Girls!". They were so fascinated by the lil' guy. They started following him all around, until somebody accidentally got a lil' close & smashed him with their shoe (my bad)! I decide to whoop out the magnify glass (No, not to fry them). The girls loved looking at the insects all close up & personal.

The girls went to their Gymboree classes & in Aidann's they pretended to run errands around the town. 1 errand they pretended to do was go to the bank & take money out, so later that evening we decided to take her to the real bank to do the real thing. THRILLED!

It doesn't take much to stimulate a child's mind & imagination. Sometimes I have heard some moms I know say, "I just don't have enough ideas to entertain him". You actually have tons right there at your fingertips! Have to run the car through the car wash really fast, they will love it! Have to wash dishes, pull up a stool for them to help you dry! Folding laundry, have a race to see how fast they can sort the socks into color groups! Narrate everything for your kids & make it sound exciting! Ask them questions to really make them think. "We are riding in the car now, do you see that bus? Do you see any blue cars?" Sing to your kids constantly. Something as small as a song can just thrill them to no end! Aidann is only 2 & knows her alphabet, the months of the year, counting up to 20 simply by just us singing songs every time we go to or from somewhere.

The night we were driving home & I asked her questions like I always do....

M&M: What do dogs eat?


M&M: What do cats eat?

Aidy: Mouse.

M&M: What does Aidann eat?

Aidy: Pizza!

Take every opportunity to stimulate your kids' minds & teach them things. Television is a sometimes, if at all, thing. But what you can impart is so much more meaningful! Its the lil' things, run with it & think like kid!

-M&M Momma

@ Gymboree

Watching her sisters

Drawing with chalk
Smiles from Austin!

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