Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Can I Eat Your Heart, Mommy?

The other day Aidy was eating her lunch & then she stops & says to me, "Mommy, I want to eat your heart!". I had to stop mid washing dishes to make sure I heard her correctly. Once again she repeated, "Mommy, can I please eat your heart". It took me a second, she definitely had me scratching my head for a few. I grabbed a pretzel during my break to try & figure out what she could possibly mean. "Please, Mommy" she chirped again. it then hit me, she calls pretzels hearts! Your think about it, they kind of do look like hearts lol! So sweet.
I was playing in the "Princess Playroom" with the babies today & Aidy came over to me & said," I want to hold you, Mommy. Just for a minute" (Transaltion, she wanted me to hold her for a few minutes Haha). I am constantly saying how we need to keep our eyes open for when 1 of our kiddos might need a lil' extra loving, but hey them coming up & asking is okay too! ;)
Well, today was picture day. Every 3 months we find ourselves back in the portrait studio, they know us by name! After it was all said & done we were making our way back to the car (arms full of props, diaper bags, car seat, etc I also had Aidy on my hip) I kept having to shift things around to keep my numbing arm alive & keep Aidy from falling & then Aidy said, "Wow, Mommy. Your heavy!". I could have taken that the wrong way, but she meant that her lil' 2 1/2 yr old self was heavy because I kept almost losing my grip. Right? Lol.
-M&M Momma
Trying to burp Austin
Loves her cape
They don't get that
there needs to be
a hill to "roll down",
not flat land.
Rain = Wet Slide = Wet Bottom

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