Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sleepless in Seattle

Well, Blogger & I are still going head to head in the ring, but maybe it will let me write a short something something.....So, apparently we moved to Seattle at some point when I wasn’t paying attention. Today I gave the girls each a backpack & we packed up some "pretend food" (as Aidann likes to call it) & took a trip over to Mount Living Room where we laid out a blanket to have a picnic. It was so fun to watch Asher obsess over her pretend corn on the cob as she continuously doused it in pretend mustard between gnaws! Aidann cracked me up as well when she suddenly shot up & shrieked "Ants!". We had to get up & smash them for like 5 minutes until she was finally satisfied. I thought we were in the clear when she suddenly yelled, "Oh no, Mommy. It’s raining!". I had to act fast; I quickly picked up the picnic blanket & threw it over our heads like an umbrella. Those 2 lil’ girls thought it was the coolest/craziest thing ever! The problem, they seriously had it "raining" over & over & over again for a good half hour. Lol! I couldn’t be selfish, so after awhile I dragged Jay into weather fun as well. Good times.

Sharing her fries...

Joining in the picnic fun

Daddy, Ashy, & Aidy hiding from
the "rain" lol!

Asher is such a character. The other night I heard grunting suddenly out of nowhere over the baby monitor. The girls were both asleep, or so I thought, so I went upstairs to check on them. There was Asher sitting on the lil’ Elmo potty apparently trying to go poo poo. This is funny/cute because she is totally not potty trained yet & she was sitting on the toilet pants & diaper still on. Lol! She is also going through this phase where she loves having stuff around her neck. She will seriously grab any pair of clothes she can find & just wrap it around her neck like a scarf or something. The other day when we were all playing outside with the riding toys Asher suddenly snuck into the garage & then managed to wiggle her way into her lil’ sister’s baby walker. There she was, her 1 year old self, running around the driveway in a way too small walker. It just looked so wrong. But Aidann did like dragging her around in it also.

-M&M Momma

Chillin' in the walker

Aidann dragging
her around

Wearing pajamas
 around her neck

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