Thursday, March 17, 2011

We Are A Family!

Tonight I want to focus on FAMILY. I think it is sooo important that we raise our kids to know that "we" are a team & "we" always need to stick together, work together. The love a family offers should be unconditional & honest. It bothers me so much when parents accept their kids picking on each other, calling each other names, beating each other up, singling 1 sibling out, etc. I don't think it's right. I am by no means saying that brothers & sisters will always get along, never be envious of each other, & everything is always going to be just perfect. But we can take lil' steps that will make sib rivalry situations occur much less often.
First off, I think it starts with us (the parents).We need to model the same behaviors we want to see out of our children. So often I see married couples verbally putting each other or even themselves down "all in fun". Well, its not okay. Words are powerful & we need to be SO careful how we choose to use them. If we laugh off something we did & say, "Man, I am so dumb!". What are we teaching our kids? If someone makes a mistake & we choose to laugh & say, "You're such a bonehead!", what message is that sending?-Its okay to put yourself down or others?-NEVER. I mean, take a real close look at the programming on television today. The dad is usually a dumb dead beat that no one respects, the kids talk horrible to each other constantly as they sneak around behind their parents back, & the mom is either an extremely weak female or overly full of attitude & sas. There are enough sad pictures of "family life" out there without us contributing to it. We can choose to try & excuse off the way we communicate & say its just family & all in fun, but then are we being hypocrites if when out in the big world we tell people its not okay to call us names & put us down? Family needs to lift each other up & not tear down! Its NO joke or laughing matter.
Hitting or any other physical bullying in any form should not be acceptable in any setting with any 1. There needs to be major consequences if siblings choose to hurt each other in that manner. Aidann was not into hitting but I would peek in on them without them seeing me from time to time to make sure they are behaving/interacting appropriately with each other. I noticed that sometimes when Aidann wanted something her sister had sometimes, she would "trade" (not always mutually agreed upon on Asher's end) so she can get it more quickly. My husband & I had to emphasize how we share, we are a team, & we need to be patient.It all starts at home. Our children should be exuding the same behaviors we expect of them out in the world, right here. Respecting others, using more productive methods to work out problems & disagreements, etc.
Family needs to be strong unit that no one can break apart, as I said before a "TEAM"! Its not too late to turn it around & shape it up. We should constantly have each others backs instead of being at each others throats. Its not something to take lightly!
-M&M Momma
Asher's 1st night
in her big girl bed!
Oh, yes in trouble again.
She took all the clothes
out of the drawer
once more & used as
a blanket!
Spying on her
during her alone
play time

This is how I
found her walking
around the playroom.

Yes, they are panties

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