Sunday, March 13, 2011

"No, Mom. Its just gas!"

I really wanted to write a serious blog tonight. You know, deep & moving...Well, forget that! My kids definitely gave me an interesting weekend that I have just have to share

On Friday we walked to the park, its nice because its close by & the ladies & I can just walk right over. Well, once again I must have missed a memo somewhere because I thought we were there to play on the actual playground, but Asher had other ideas. It was 1 of the funniest things to watch, Ash would sprint as quickly as her lil' legs could carry her through the freshly cut grass & then randomly just drop face down into the ground! She would stay there like a full minute (not moving a muscle) & then without any warning she would just pop up like a slice of toast & do it all over again! It was the craziest thing to watch I have to tell you. She kept this up for a good 10 minutes & then asked if we could "Go back home now?". Ha ha! Needless to say, she had a great nap that day.

Saturday we went to this girl's 11th birthday party (Talk about making me feel so old, I was in the room when this kid was born back in the day!?!). Anyway, the girls had a total blast, especially when it was time for the "cake" (cupcakes). They sang "Happy Birthday" & then started passing out the cupcakes. Well, when they finally got around to Asher, she just reached right in that box & in 1 single swipe, ripped the white frosting tops off several of the cupcakes & stuffed it ALL right into her little mouth!?! OMG... Of course I had to correct her, but it so did not help that all the parents & kids were laughing & Ash had that classic kid look on her face like, "What?" as she so innocently licked the remaining frosting from her lips. She really enjoyed the bounce house after the sugar hit. That lil' 19 pounder was literally bouncing off the walls. Lol!

This weekend we had sooo many errands to run & very lil' time. When we were finally headed back home, the 2 youngest fast asleep in their car seats & Aidann just glancing out the window, it was just completely silent & peaceful. Suddenly, Jay & I heard the biggest & juiciest fart you have ever...Let me repeat that, HAVE EVER heard. Jay & I had turned & looked at each other in shock! "Aidann! Did you go poo poo!?!". She nonchalantly turned to me & said, "No, mom. Its just gas". Lol!

These girls of mine. I love my life & love my family. This is a role I was born to play!

-M&M Momma

The moment of the crime.Prob should have
been paying attention
rather than taking
pics. Lol!


The day after the sugar rush...

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