Friday, March 4, 2011

No Cookie Cutters Here

Wow, kids pick the oddest times to pass gas. I was totally engaged in a deep conversation with the doctor today & Aidann was doing such a great job just sitting still in my lap. It started out very subtle where you couldn't even hear her, well I hoped the Dr. didn't hear her. Then a few minutes later, she started letting out short yet audible 1s. The Dr tells me, "Oh, kids" & laughs it off to try to make me feel more comfortable....Not working. By the time we were reaching the end of our conversation, she was passing full out melodies. Oh my goodness. I know she is just a kid & claims to not be able to hold it in, but it is still very embarrassing! So much for a serious conversation. She looked so innocent as she used her manners in at least saying "excuse me" & smelling up that office. That's what I get for feeding my baby her veggies. Haha!
That is 1 of many gas stories. I am sure if you are a parent, you have many of them. Those times where your kid passing a silent but deadly 1 & you hope to God people don't think it was you. Lol!

Well, today I was just thinking about how different each 1 of my kids are. If you take the time, you eventually learn how to deal with each 1 of them. There isn't 1 simple parenting formula that works with every kid, ya know? Look at the way babies develop so differently from 1 kid to another. Some talk faster, some crawl faster, some babies are more demanding, while others are more laid back. Differences between children carry on as kids grow & become more & more obvious if you look for them.

Aidann is more of a perfectionist & when she gets into trouble & does something wrong she acts/feels like it is the end of the world for the longest time. She hates "disappointing" you. Asher, on the other hand, when she gets into trouble she will cry for maybe 1 second & then be right back to her happy-go-lucky self in no time at all. Aidann is very particular & likes all things proper (using a fork or spoon is a MUST even with tacos), clean (obsessed with wipies) & in their proper places (she cleans like a lil' adult). Asher could care less if she has a lil' mess on her face or if she is outside barefoot. Aidann  loves to be hugged & kissed on a lot throughout the day. Asher loves to sit in your lap, but doesn't like to actually be cradled & hugged until right before she goes to bed.
While these are subtle differences, they are important to recognize & acknowledge.

Our kids just aren't the same & sometimes need to be disciplined, loved on, & handled in different ways.

Its not a bad thing that they are different. Some of these differences need to be celebrated. I don't want Aidann to be Asher or Asher to be Austin. I want to raise my kids to be happy & proud of who they are and their different talents. I am definitely not saying that all differences/behaviors should be accepted (like a kid being an overly picky eater, or tending to be more violent, etc), but hopefully you understand the gist of what I am saying. Lets just take that lil' extra time to try & understand our kids & that lil' extra effort to find out what they need. Kids are not cookie cutters & thank goodness for that! Lets stop trying to force them into a one of a kind mold.

-M&M Momma

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