Thursday, March 17, 2011

We Are A Family x2

Just a few things I wanted to add to last night's post is that we can encourage our kids to look at their siblings as teammates rather than competitors by from an early age encouraging them to cheer for one another & acknowledge each other's accomplishments. Jay & I have the girls cheer for each other constantly (For example, if Asher was to use the big girl potty instead of her diaper, we make a conscious choice to make a big deal about it & encourage Aidy to do the same. "Did you see what Asher did, Aidann? Lets cheer for Asher! Yay, Asher!!!). Kids have to know its not all about them all of the time. We need to learn to focus on others as well. Another way you can promote "team"  & caring for one another is that if one child gets hurt, have everyone stop what they are doing to see if their sibling is okay, help them up even if need be. Birthdays or Christmas time also presents us as parents with a great opportunity to teach our kids to focus on someone besides themselves. Encouraging your kids to participate in selecting a gift for the sibling or picking out a card is great. In order to do this, your trying to help them not just think about what they would like or need, but rather their brother or sister. As I stated yesterday, we are a family & we need to be a team! The world is hard enough, they should not have to face it alone.-M&M Momma
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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