Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Busy, Busy, & Busy Some More....

I am sure if you know my kids you would agree they are pretty well behaved, but they can also be very busy & creative just like every other child....I went to go get my kids from their bedroom in the morning to find my girls had unpacked every single drawer from their dresser! Aidann had several pajamas layered on. Once again, as my jaw dropped open from shock, they had that classic "what?" look on their face. You better believe they had to clean up their mess after bath time (Of course it wasn't cleaned up to my standards, but its the principle that counts, ya know?)

Later on the girls were playing in 1 of their playrooms & suddenly it got really quiet. Never a good sign. I went to go check on them & they had taken every single bin off of their IKEA shelf & they had both crawled inside. Aidann was on the bottom just enjoying herself, chillin', & Asher was crying because she had climbed to the top & got stuck. Sheesh. Once again had them clean up their mess.

Today Asher suddenly crawls up on a shelf in the living room, shimmys herself up it and over to the edge a lil' ways, & then somehow drops herself down into her lil' sister's Einstein bouncer & starts jumping like a monkey & laughing, Me trying to describe it, simply does it no justice of course she got in trouble, but it was also extremely impressive to watch! Lol... and of course later on Aidann tried it also.

Well, aside from those lil' escapades, Asher experienced her 1st ice cream cone & we had family night with a "movie" (they don't watch normal movies, it was just someone reading a book to them on dvd lol) & make your own pizza. Good stuff. Never a dull moment.
Yes, Aidy is
wearing my shirt. Lol...

-M&M Momma

"Where's mine?"

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