Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bed Hopping & Milk Soaked Socks!?!

Kids are just so funny by nature. The things they say the way they think & what they do is beyond priceless! If you are a parent or have ever been placed in a position of authority over a child then I am sure you have been put in the position where the child is doing something they are SO not supposed to be doing & you know you have to correct them as you try with every ounce of your being to hold back laughing. Ya, I know you know what I am talking about. In case you need some examples, here they are....I had long put the babies to bed & started doing my thing (straightening up the house yaddah yaddah) when suddenly I hear quite a commotion coming from upstairs. I sneak up slowly, so I can catch the girls red handed at whatever it is they are up to (because you know its not sleeping). There they were hopping on Aidy's bed, singing & dancing some dance moves that would the King of Pop to shame. Lol! I had to fight back the biggest smile as I scolded them & made them each lay down in their own beds.Next example, I sat the girls down to eat their cereal & milk & then went off to tend to Austin. I went back to check on the girls I swear less than 5 minutes later. Let me paint this picture for you walking up on the situation, 1st I see lil' Asher jaw basically dropped staring at her sister. I turn to look at Aidann & from 1st glance it just appears like she is simply stirring her cereal with a spoon. I walk closer because surely just that would not cause Ashy to mop up the floor with her jaw. There is Aidann sitting barefoot at the table, bowl & spoon in hand, socks in bowl (saturated in milk & some organic Cheerios). So hard holding back the laughs, "Aidann, what are you doing?" (M&M Momma says in firm voice). I could go on days with examples of times where I had to be tough & discipline, but so didn't want to Lol. I am sure you all have some great stories to share so please leave comments below. I would love to hear from you all!!!
-M&M Momma
The girls before church

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