Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bananas, Bubbles, & Price Tags

Today we went out into the backyard to blow some bubbles & enjoy a banana (the equivalent of chocolate to my kiddos). 1st the girls ate their bananas & then it was time to blow bubbles. Asher tried to use the bubble wand once or twice before giving up, she kept trying to lick the bubble solution off it rather than blow bubbles. Aidann loves bubbles & was completely enthralled for a good 20 minutes. Asher tried to catch a few bubble but was soon distracted by the banana peel. She started smelling it & licking it & then she started using it like a whip. It was the funniest sight to watch her whip the banana peel at the concrete & then laugh so hard she would almost fall over & then do it all over again. After like 10 minutes of repeating the banana whip move over & over, she then decided to put the banana peel to her ear & use it like a phone. She literally had a 5 minute conversation, peel to ear, as she just walked around in circles. Eventually, I had to ask who she was talking to. "Elmo", she replied & went right back to chit chatting away. Kids are so funny & imaginative.Lol! Eventually she hung up.
Later on in the afternoon, I separated the girls so they could enjoy some independent playtime (I believe its very important for young kids). I put Aid in their bedroom while Asher enjoyed her time in the downstairs playroom. Here I am am going to have to stop & mention that in addition to Aidann's obsession with pockets, she has another obsession that just baffles me, price tags. If you are ever thinking about about purchasing an outfit & trying it on at home before deciding if you really want to keep it or not, make sure you don't bring it  anywhere near Aidann until you are absolutely sure! She is WAY WAY WAY into ripping off tags. She is so quick about it too. Anyway, I had just bought her some new outfits this past week because she is growing like crazy. I simply hung them in her closet until I had time to try them on her. Anyway, when I went to go check on her she was innocently playing on the floor, but then I noticed the closet was now open. On the floor, tags and tags and tags everywhere. I guess we'll be keeping the clothes and shoes courtesy of Aidy!
-M&M Momma

Eating banana
Chilling, watching bubbles

Eating the bubble
solution instead...Yuck!

Her new friend...Lol

Some of the evidence

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