Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Doggie Pooped, I Pooped, & Mail it to Jesus! (not the poop)

Aidann was playing with her Littlest Pet Shop critters when her eyes suddenly get huge & her jaw drops open, "Mommy, the doggie went poo poo!?". She was so serious & concerned about the imaginary bowel movement. She just stood still holding the dog up in total disgust as if now she could not even move on playing or anything because this pet had decided to use the restroom. I had to act fast....Lets get a tissue so you can wipe his bottom. A look of total relief swept over her face & she darted off like a kid on christmas to seek out a tissue. In no time at all she was back & then proceeded to not only wipe the no longer constipated dog's bottom, but every single LPS critter's bottom. She looked so happy & relieved, it was hilar!
Cleaning off "the poop"
When I put my toddler to bed at night, I also put a small Elmo potty in her room so she can get up & go if need be (no one wants to set a 2 year old free at midnight to relieve themselves without supervision trust me). Anyway, I hear here lil' voice over the baby monitor making extremely convincing grunting & pushing sounds, so I wait a good 10 minutes before going upstairs to see if she has finished her business. When I got up there she had already gotten herself  cleaned up & back to bed, but I noticed 1 item missing..."Where's the potty, Aidann?". She then proceeded to get out of her bed & walked over to the shelf by her sister's bed & then proceed to pull her Elmo potty off of it & bring it over to me?!-What the..."Why did you put it up there", I had to ask. She then started giggling & said, "Its ewww, Ashy wanted to smell it" pointing to her long alseep lil' sister. Oh goodness....
Are you ready to have your heart just melt? I will just assume you shook your head "Yes". The girls & I were coloring pictures together when it became time to clean up all the crayons & paper. Aidann suddenly hands me a picture & says, "This 1 is for Jesus". I had to ask her again just to make sure my ears were hearing her correctly. "This 1 is for Jesus" she said again. "That's sooo sweet, Aidann. Jesus would say 'thank you'". We finished cleaning & moved on to playing with something else when Aidann suddenly runs up to me with the picture again, "We need to give this to Jesus, its for Jesus" she said adimently, "We mail it to him?". So, I guess tomorrow we will be mailing Jesus a picture by Aidann. So innocent & sweet I tell you!
-M&M Momma

I love how my Ashy attacks her juice boxes. Cherish those lil' things, they do not last long enough!

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