Friday, February 4, 2011

United We Stand

Today Aidann asked her dad if she could color, but he told her "Not right now". Then she turned to me (right in front of her dad) & asked me the very same question even though he had already told her "No". This issue might not seem like a big deal at 1st glance, but it actually is. Did you ever try to play your parents against each other growing up to get your way? I tried it once or twice, but lucky for me my parents caught on to this manipulative technique early on with the 4 kids.

As parents it is important that we always present a united front to our kids. Husbands & wives are a team & we should never make the other parent look like the "bad guy". Even if we don't agree with a decision the other parent has made, that is an issue that needs to be addressed in private & not in front of the kids.

Another thing that just urks me is when you hear a parent say, "Don't tell your mom/dad". We should not train our kids that it is okay to keep secrets from the other parent because it is not!

As parents it is our responsibility to set an example. It is challenging enough to be a parent, so why make it harder on ourselves? It does suck when your child does not understand your reasoning at 1st for not giving them their way every time, but in the end they will ultimately respect you (the parents) for your consistency, care, & unity.

Well, that is it for tonight! Have a great weekend all!

M&M Momma

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