Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Unpacking, When Will It Ever End?


Sorry I haven't posted the last 2 days. We are no longer spread between 2 houses & now officially in one. It is definitely my dream house, but the unpacking...Not so much. I know I am going to have some awesome legs though after all these trips up and down my built in Stair Master! Lol. Well, I promise to make up for it tomorrow. Thank you to everyone that has stayed so faithful to reading my blog so regularly. Please, take this opportunity to "follow" me. You don't have to have an actual google email address or anything. The more the merrier. I really do apprecaiate it & all of you have a fantastic night!

-M&M Momma

P.S. Please also feel free to comment on any of the posts/stories I have up. I love hearing all of your feedback!

Made box houses to
amuse the girls
while we unpacked!

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  1. Cousin..I do soo love how every activity that u do they are included or entertain in some way..that u always have a new idea..box houses while unpacking, to take the time to cater to their busy little minds...genius