Saturday, February 26, 2011

Eating Rocks, Diaper Explosion, & Licking the Carpet?!?

Today was definitely an eventful day. Justin had to work, so I took a lil' break from unpacking to spend some real & much needed quality time with my ladies. Aside from our normal routine, I decided to take the ladies out into the backyard with some toy animals & dinosaurs & let their imaginations run away with them. We had a blast making the animals crawl through the grass & rocks. Asher especially enjoyed it. It was so cute hearing her make the animals growl & everything! We filled Tupperware up with water to make the animals take baths in & for the animals to drink out of. Aidann loved filling the tupperware with rocks & dirt, I kept catching Asher trying to eat the rocks!?!  "Spit it out!" I had to say 1 too many times. Then I guess she figured since I can't eat the rocks, I'll drink the dirt filled water instead. That girl is sooo fast I swear. Gross...
Later on in the day I was upstairs changing the baby's diaper. Let me just state before I continue, that my husband warned me about stopping this bad habit. Anyway. I tend to throw/chuck diapers (after I change them & wrap them up) down the stairs. I mean, if the girls are upstairs with me I am not just going to leave them up there alone, go throw away the diaper downstairs, & then go back up. Its so much easier & safer for me to just chuck them down the stairs & then put them in the trash once I get back down there. Well.... Today I threw 1 down there onto the tile, despite my husband's warnings, & it exploded all over!?!?! Let me tell you, it WAS NOT easy to clean up. I wanted to cry!
If you thought that was the ultimate highlight of my day, you would SOOO be wrong. Well, I put my ladies into 1 of the playrooms to play later on in the afternoon. I decided to go make some oatmeal, but I heard the girls & they were doing so well just playing on their own that I decided to give them some fun books to play with. Anyway, I went in there & found myself reading to them for a lil' while. My stomach soon reminded me I was still hungry for my oatmeal. I was sitting there eating my oatmeal, when suddenly I realized the playroom had gone completelyqiet. If you are a mom, you know this is not usually a good thing. Well, I quickly got up & went to check on the girls. Picture this, there is Aidann throwing dried up oatmeal up into the air like confetti & there is Asher licking the dried oatmeal off the carpet-OMG! Apparently, I had brought the can of oatmeal into the playroom with me when I dropped off the books. Good 1 Mommy!
Well, that was my day in a nutshell.... Haha, but I wouldn't trade these girls or these crazy moments for the world. In the words of Kate Gosselin, "Its a crazy life, but its out life"!
-M&M Momma
Where is the baby?

There she is!

Playing with the dinos & animals

Sporting her funky hat!

If only you could hear the Asher-made
sound effects! Sooo cute!

Post drinking the nasty water we
just put rocks & dirt in. She's quick!

Real nice.....Hoover time.
Her sisters' covered her with stuffed friends

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  1. exploding diapers... wowzers. that HAD to suck. the things a mommy has to go thru. i couldnt imagine cleaning that up!