Friday, February 11, 2011

Showers, Breast Pumps, & Elmo...?

So today definitely started off interesting, for my husband anyway. We were over at my parents house & Justin had to go & rinse off in the shower really quick (Finishing up painting the new house before we completely move in). I was occupied feeding the baby, when the girls decided to go down the hall. I knew everything was child proofed & all doors were closed so I wasn't too worried about it. Suddenly, my husband starts yelling & the girls start laughing so loud! Apparently he had locked the bathroom door, but not pulled it shut all the way by accident. There the girls were, yanking the shower curtain wide open from 1 side & then Justin would yank it back closed. Then they would quickly run to the other side of the curtain & yank it back open & then Justin would try to close that side. I could not help laughing so hard, how terrible & at my parents house too! The girls sooo thought they were playing the best game ever because daddy was so frantic. Lol!

Later on in the day Aidann comes in the living room, pulls herself up on the couch, yanks up her shirt, grabs my breast pump, & says "Mommy, I make milk too, K? My turn now, lets share". Ha ha!

We were at the Lowe's picking out paint & the man comes over to offer his help to the 3 girls and I (Daddy was in another aisle getting something else). "You must like pink, lil' girl?", he said to Aidann as he looked at the colors I had already picked out. Aidann then replies, "No, my Daddy's going poo poo". As if that lil' event wasn't enough to make our trip exciting, from the moment we had entered the store Asher noticed some young teen wearing an Elmo shirt. "Elmo, Elmo!", she starts shouting & pointing at the kid. Time number 2, we run into the same guy again &Asher starts shouting & Aidann decides to join in, now 2 lil' girls are yelling down the aisle "ELMO! ELMO! Mere ("come here") Mere ("come here")!" enthusiastically. By now the kid is starting to look at us a lil' crazy & probably getting somewhat annoyed. But trust me, I was trying to avoid him probably as much as he was trying to avoid us.  3rd time, of course he had to be in front of us at the check out, it just wouldn't be right if he wasn't. The girls are now singing the "Elmo's World" song to the guy & Asher is trying to crawl down my arms to go see Elmo. How do you tell your kid its just a shirt & its not the real thing?! I would say "poor kid", but he kind of brought it on himself. He's a lil' old to be sporting Elmo anyway.

-M&M Momma

WARNING: This shirt may cause lil' girls to scream
& chase you down enthusiastically in stores!

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  1. ROFL thank you for making me laugh! Your little girls have such adorable personalities and i really needed a good laugh and this definitely did it :)