Saturday, February 12, 2011

Everyone Makes Mistakes

This afternoon at lunch Asher picked up the plate of food I had just set in front of her & accidently  spilled it all over the floor! I wanted be sooo upset & yell "Asher!?!", but I made myself stop & take a deep breath 1st. It was a total accident & what would that help for me to take my frustration out on her? I do not want my child to freak out when they make a mistake & get all down on themselves, the world will do that to them enough. I want my child to not be afraid to come to me when they make a mistake, but instead we can work through it together.

As parents we need to train our kids that they are going to make mistakes & thats okay, they are human. But we also must teach them that we pick ourselves back up, at times have to pay for the consequences of our mistakes, but we also learn from them.

-M&M Momma

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