Monday, February 7, 2011

Farting & Other Bodily Functions

For those of you who know me well, you know that I can't stand many bodily functions. Call me ridiculous, but I seriously take issue with this stuff. Scratching, farting, burping, pooping, picking noses, etc. My husband knew when he married me, he was signing over his rights to do any of this stuff at home-Lol! It not only just grosses me out, but I have also been blessed with an almost unreal sense of smell. I tell people not to even think about passing gas because I will know before it even leaves their....anyway. And pooping, it bothers me so much that I have 1 bathroom in my house assigned the "NO POOPING ZONE". No 1 is allowed to poop in there at any time or for any reason. I mean, there is nothing like wanting to take a nice warm relaxing bath & you get in there only to find someone has just taken a massive dump?! You know you feel me, stop laughing.

Well, anyway my daughter Aidann has also been blessed with this crazy super power of smell. She tells me right away when 1 of her sisters needs their diaper changed, no joke. Sometimes she even smells it before me! The other day it was so funny because my 2 girls were just sitting there playing when Aidann suddenly runs up to Asher, yanks open the back of her diaper, looks in & says, "Ewww, yeah. Ashy went poo poo. We need to clean it right away!". What can I say, she takes after her mama!

M&M Momma

Got caught drinking from a baby bottle!

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