Friday, February 25, 2011

Like Weeds...

So the girls have their Elmo potty in their playroom for my older daughter to use at her own discretion (Asher knows better then to mess with it...Usually). Well, I had walked passed the playroom once & Aidann was using it. I waited a few minutes & then came back to clean her up when I suddenly noticed that potty was not the only addition to the toilet. "Aidann, did you put the doggie  (small plastic one) in the potty?". "No" She replied, "It was Asher". I turn to Asher now, "Ashy, did you put the doggie in the potty chair?". "Yes" she replied so matterofactly, "He had to go potty bad"....Oh my word! Anyway, I better get on to the topic of today's post......This morning as I washed what felt like gallons of oatmeal from my curly top Asher's hair, I began to think about how quickly kids grow. It is so true what they say, "Kids grow like weeds". It feels like just yesterday I had my 1st lady, her lil' 5lb 12 oz self with like zero body fat just laying there in my arms. (Tear) This weekend I had to go out & buy that same baby size 7 shoes & 3T clothes! Then today I found myself packing away my 3rd lil' girl's newborn clothes!!!Time flies, we need to cherish everything. I think sometimes we get so caught up with life that we forget we can just put the laundry or dishes on pause & get down on the floor & play with our kids. It means so much to them when we can dedicate that lil' amount of time & give them that 1 on 1 focus. I was on the phone just chit chatting away when Aidann asked me, "Mommy, can we sing?". I stopped for a second, this  phone conversation could wait for a lil' while, but my 2 year old won't always be there (at this age & time). So, I let the person go & had a great time just singing with my lil' girl.Lets all just make that lil' bit of extra effort to give our kids that time they crave. We need to cherish those lil' things because before we know it, they will just be a distance memory. Lets live life with the fewest regrets possible!

M&M Momma

Aidann put on one
of her lil' sister's
headbands because it was
"Sooooo cute"

Still unpacking and couldn't find
mittens. Yes, those are socks on
her lil' hands.


  1. At first I didn't know if you meant doggie literally or if someone left something smelly. Poor, poor doggie... how traumatic! But as Ashy said, the doggie had to go too.