Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Aidann & Asher Escapades

So, the girls and I were waiting in the vehicle while daddy ran an errand really fast. We were just chilling when suddenly Aidann goes, "Eww...Uh-oh, Mommy". I turned to see what she was talking about. She had a long blonde hair in her hands. "That's your hair, Aidann. See how its blonde? The same color as the hair on top of your head". She suddenly got a freaked out look on her face & said, "My hair is falling out?!?". She then dramatically tried jamming the lil' hair back into her head. The funny thing was that I had just given the girls a pickle to eat & their hands were still a little sticky. Every time Aidy tried to put the hair back in her head it would just stay stuck to her fingers. She was getting so frustrated, "In hair, in!". I was so glad I had my camera at this moment. She truly had me rolling...Lol!

Holding the hair
Trying to put it back

The girls were taking a bath the other night & suddenly Aidy says, "Turn off" (pointing to the faucet). "Why?" I asked her a lil' confused, the bath was not nearly "full" yet. She replied, "You have to save some for the fish!". How odd. Then today I gave her a sippy cup with water in it. She took like 3 sips & then handed the cup back & said, "Give it to the fish". Apparently, I have an ocean life activist on my hands. I have no idea where she got this obsession from...? Maybe she is concerned for Dorothy the fish on Elmo's World (Sesame Street). Lol!

I got a new magazine in the mail today. The cover has a cute lil' baby on the front and everything. Well, Aidann sees this magazine, grabs it, runs to her potty chair, pull off her pants, sits down, & opens it up & starts reading it like its nothing. "What are you doing?", I ask her. She casually replies, "Just going poo poo".

Asher is just a curly headed lil' character with a mind of her own. When I was getting everything ready for the girls to go to bed, suddenly everything got quiet. Now if you are a mom you know that when things get too quiet, this could definitely mean the kids are up to something. Well, I turned around & looked down only to find Asher squeezed up inside the bedside table. "Peek-a-boo!" she shouts. Haha!

Chilling under the bedside table

After the girls had long been put to bed I went in to check on them like I usually do. I didn't even get in the door & there was Asher all sprawled out, fast asleep. Soooo cute!

Completely out...Awe!

Life is non-stop action, but I wouldn't have it any other way!
-M&M Momma

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