Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day With My Triple A's!

While I agree you should show each other "the love" all year long, I still think Valentine's Day is a total blast (especially when you have kids)! Any holiday I can make an excuse for it, I love to get my girls cute new & festive outfits. This year was especially fun because I got to do it x3. Another tradition Justin & I have started with our girls is getting them a balloon on special days (i.e. birthdays, Valentine's, etc). They love it & look forward to it every time. Don't you just love when the simplest things like a balloon can make a kid so happy?

On actual Valentine's Day, Daddy had to work unfortunately so the  girls & I started off the day with them opening their special bags that we had made for them. They just had a few lil' surprises & a lil' chocolate (something rare for them). After gobbling down the chocolate like it was going out of style & messing with their other new goodies, we decided to take on making Daddy cupcakes. That was definitely an adventure, especially when Asher grabbed a huge handful of the cake powder & stuffed it into her face before I could stop her ( She was sneezing out pink cake powder for like a good hour after! lol). After that lil' adventure, we made V-day cards for family with markers, colored paper, & glue...More fun! Overall it was a super enjoyable day & I look forward to next year!!!

Valentine's Day Fashion & Balloons:

Striking a pose


1st V-day

Loving her big sister

She would not stop
"talking" to the balloons.
It was 2 cute!

Her new buddy

 Special Bags & Cupcake Creations:



She didn't realize
the balloon was
just tied to her, not
chasing her...lol


My sleepy girl

Powder everywhere!?!



More please...

Making a valentine

 Lovin' Life!

        -M&M Momma

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