Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bashing is NOT Okay

A definite pet peeve of mine is when 1 parent bashes the other parent to or in front of the children. That is just not right & extremely unproductive. You are actually going to make things harder on yourself because your children are going to start having a lack of respect for the parent you continue to bash & probably end up not wanting to obey them as a result. Your child will also do the same exact thing to you too (talk behind your back and bash you) because you have taught them it's okay. It says in the bible, "Honor thy father and they mother...", but how can we expect our kids to honor us if we (husband & wife) are not honoring each other. We need to be a team. Are you going to always get along or always agree with the other parent? Probably not. But those discussions & compromises need to be figured out in private. As I stated in an earlier post, we need to present a united front to our children as much as possible. Lil' disagreements are obviously going to happen, but when things start getting personal & disrespectful thats when they need to be saved for another time & place. Plus, you know you aren't talking in sweet low-key voices when you get all heated up..... That's just not a good enviornment for our kids. We want to raise up secure & stable kids that respect their parents. It takes work, but will be well worth it you will see!

-M&M Momma

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