Saturday, February 19, 2011

Its Not All About You

Asher somehow managed to cut her lip on a cardboard box. She started crying & ran to me to hold her. Aidann suddenly jumped up & dashed over to the refrigerator, swung it open, & shouted "Hurry, she needs some yogurt!". It was soooo cute. She ran back with a Go-gurt for her sister & gave her a big hug.

I think it is so important that we encourage our children to go outside themselves & develop a compassion for others. It starts with us, the parents, modeling the behaviors/attitudes that we would like to see in our children. Things as simple as holding the door open for someone else, picking up a paper that somebody drops, etc. Our kids are always watching, even when it appears they are not.

In my family, I try to involve my girls as much as possible with caring for others. If their sister gets hurt, I have them stop whatever they are doing & ask, "Are you okay?". If there is a big mess on the floor sometimes I will ask them, "Can you help, Mommy?". If it is someone else's birthday, I have them participate in picking out a gift for someone else. I think these lil' things play a huge role in cultivating children that genuinely care for others. After all, its not always just about them, its about helping & reaching out.

As I my children grow older, I am noticing them now taking what my husband & I have taught them to whole new levels. They initiate caring for others all on their own & I can tell that its coming 100 percent from their hearts. If Austin is crying, Aidann & Asher will immediately hop into action to try & soothe her. When a kid gets hurt, even if they don't know them, they ask "Are you okay?". It's such a beautiful & genuine thing!

-M&M Momma

Austin's bedhead!

Aidann helping wash her sister, Austin.

Ash wants to help too!

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